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Jayne and Leo

by: soph1098 (Send Feedback)

Chapters: 001 Word Count: 114
Rating: CHILD
Character(s): Sam Seaborn, Will Bailey
Category(ies): Family/Children
Pairing(s): Will/Sam
Summary: Leo was never suppose to exist.

Chapters: 1

Jayne Seaborn came home to see her little step brother, Leo Bailey, sitting on the front steps. He looked kind of sad.
“Hey, Leo. What’s up?” Jayne asked. In response Leo shrugged.
“Why so sad?” Jayne asked.
“What’s an unintended consequence?” Leo asked. Jayne was 11 and knew that Leo wasn't expected.
“Leo how’d you hear that?” Jayne asked.
“Aunt CJ said it when I asked Daddy what it meant but he got all sad looking so I waited for you. ‘Cause you know everything.” Leo said happily.
“Umm well Leo I don't think you should ask again.” Jayne said.
“Okay.” He said sadly.
“Come on lets go inside.” Jayne said.

Chapters: 1

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