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The Morning After

by: Iniegtp (Send Feedback)

Chapters: 004 Word Count: 8957
Rating: TEEN
Character(s): Josh Lyman, Donna Moss
Category(ies): Romance
Pairing(s): Josh/Donna
Episode(s): 7-16 Election Day, 7-17 Election Day, Part II, 7-18 Requiem, 7-19 Transition
Crossover Shows: - No Show -
Summary: What if nobody else had been there when Donna went back to Josh's room the morning of the election. Continues with post-eps and missing scenes through Transition.

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Election Day – Part 1

Donna stood at the coffee dispenser in the lobby of the hotel. She shifted impatiently from one foot to the other. She couldn’t shake the look on Josh’s face, when he had stood in the doorway of the bathroom, from her mind. If she were honest with herself, she had been escaping. It was out of fear. Fear of her feelings for him. Fear of his feelings for her. Fear. She knew what her feelings were. She was in love with Josh and had been for years. His feelings were less clear to her.

The sex had been good, better than good. It had been great, but then they had laid awkwardly next to each other not sure what to do or say until they gave in and rolled over to sleep on opposite sides of the bed. It had made Donna wonder if this all meant more to her than it did to Josh. Maybe her obvious invitation of sex was all that led to him following her. Maybe, to him, this was just casual sex, a campaign fling no more serious than Otto and Lou’s.

It was that fear that had propelled her out of the bed fifteen minutes before and led to her dressing in the bathroom. She had told him she wasn’t leaving or sneaking out, but she wondered if he hadn’t followed her, if he had been asleep, would she have snuck out, left his room without saying anything.

But he had followed her, and he had been… Josh. He hadn’t seemed like someone who had just had a one-night stand or was looking for casual sex. He had seemed nervous. What had he said… I didn’t want to make this awkward, and I just did? He’d asked her how she was feeling, and she brushed him off by making her answer about the election. He had been asking about them. If she hadn’t been so afraid, she wouldn’t be standing at a coffee dispenser in a hotel lobby wondering about what it all meant.

“Damn it,” she muttered out loud as she overfilled one of the cups of coffee and it dripped down over her fingers. She grabbed a paper napkin and dried off her hand. Stacking the coffee cups so she could grip them with one hand, she pushed the call button for the elevator. The hotel was deserted, so she rode the elevator to the seventh floor alone.

She kept picturing Josh’s face as he had tried to lean casually in the doorway of the bathroom, the look on his face as she caught him sucking toothpaste out of the tube. She should have kissed him then. That had been what she had wanted to do. What had stopped her? The moments before when they had been in bed together and couldn’t seem to work past the awkwardness, that had stopped her.

What Donna couldn’t reason out was why that had been so awkward. This was what she thought about as she walked out of the elevator. The sex hadn’t been awkward at all. They had barely made it in the hotel room before they were removing each other's clothing.

She smiled at the memory of Josh trying to get the keycard to open the door. She had taken it from him, as she had so many times before, and opened the door. She realized instantly that that was why the sex hadn’t been awkward. From the moment she had taken the key and he had looked at her with a bashful ‘I might be a brilliant political operative, but I still stumble over the most basic of tasks’ look, they had been in those oh so comfortable roles again. They were just Josh and Donna.

She stared at the doorknob and smiled. His looks flashed through her mind again, when he stood in the bathroom doorway, when he hovered above her in bed hours before, when he followed her into the room after she’d opened the door. She knocked gently at the door to avoid anyone else from the campaign being made aware of movement in the hallway. She’d guess all any of them needed was a sign that other people were awake and work would begin again.

Josh opened the door almost immediately. It was so quick in fact that Donna wondered if he had been standing by the door waiting since she left. “Hi,” he said with a nervous smile.

“Here’s coffee,” she replied holding it out to him.

“Thanks,” he took the coffee and looked at her with a determined look in his eye. Surprising Donna, he leaned forward and captured her lips with his in a gentle kiss.

His action surprised her tremendously, but her own reaction was just as surprising. She felt her entire body warm and relax at the same time. When they broke apart after the brief moment, she felt the need to say something to lessen the tension. “If that is your reaction to being brought coffee, it is probably good I didn’t bring it to you more often at The White House.”

Josh looked at her as if he were trying to read her. Something that she thought he didn’t need to work at anymore. “That had nothing to do with the coffee,” he replied seriously.

“Nothing?” she replied with a smile.

He broke into a smile as well. “Well maybe a little, but if Otto brought me coffee he wouldn’t get that reaction. I’ll save it for you.”

They both seemed to realize the serious statement hidden in Josh’s humorous comment at the same time. “Will you?” Donna asked. She tried to make it sound like a joke, but the retort came out seriously.

Josh took a deep breath and decided it was time for a serious response as well. “I’d like to… if you’ll let me.” A smile tugged at the corner of Donna’s mouth but didn’t quite form. Josh continued. “If you’d let me, I’d like to do that everyday.”

Donna felt a flutter in her heart. This was the conversation she had been nervously anticipating. Her fear seemed to be being abated. She smiled at Josh. “Just once a day?” she asked and took a sip of her coffee.

“Would a hundred times a day be objectionable?” Josh asked with a grin. “Seriously though Donna, we should probably talk about this,” he added.

She nodded, still nervous to have this conversation that could be oh-so-important. He sat down on the edge of the bed, and she sat next to him. “So…” she began.

“Yeah,” Josh replied equally awkwardly. “Last night was…” He trailed off.

“Was what?” she asked. A moment ago she was confident about this conversation. Now she had a deep fear he would finish with the words “a mistake”.

“Amazing?” Josh asked his voice rising in pitch slightly.

“Is that a question?” she asked.

“I guess so,” he replied. “And a statement. I thought it was amazing, but I don’t know what you think.” He dropped his eyes to the bedspread between them.

At that moment, Donna realized Josh was as nervous about her reaction as she was about his. Still, she couldn’t quite shake the hesitation. It was one thing to joke about it, but it was a whole other to be serious. “It was good sex,” she replied.

Josh looked up at her searching her eyes. He took a deep breath and seemed to be making the decision to take a risk. “Sure, the sex was great,” he said. “But Donna, I meant more that being with you was amazing.”

Donna smiled at him. “Really?” she asked.

He nodded enthusiastically. “Really,” he replied. Somewhat cautiously, he reached out and took her hand that wasn’t holding her coffee cup.

She found it hard to speak. Finally she said, “Me too, Josh.” He rewarded her admission with a full dimpled grin. She laughed. “Man, you’re cute,” she said impulsively.

“Really?” he asked. “You think so?”

“I’ve always thought so,” she confessed quietly.

Josh grinned at her even more. “Want to know a secret?” he said quietly. She nodded. He leaned forward and whispered near her ear. “I’ve always thought you were incredibly beautiful.” He dropped his head slightly and kissed her neck just below her ear.

“Josh,” she sighed as he released her hand and reached for her coffee cup.

Barely moving away from her, he set their coffee cups on the nightstand. He turned back and stared into her eyes. “Should we see if we can top amazing?” he asked with a smile.

Donna barely had a chance to laugh as Josh pulled her to him and planted a passionate kiss on her lips.


Josh collapsed next to Donna on the bed again, and she worried that this time might be as awkward as the last. Then hesitantly, Josh reached out his hand toward her and slowly and cautiously placed it on her bare stomach. She smiled and rolled on her side to face him causing his hand to shift to just above her hip on her waist. “We’re pretty good at that,” she stated with a smile.

“Better than good,” Josh agreed. “Donna, I…” He stopped and leaned forward and kissed her instead.

She scooted closer to him and he slid his other arm under her and wrapped both arms tightly around her. As he began to trace lazy circles on her back with his hands, she purred and rested her hand on his chest. “It’s almost five,” Josh murmured. “We should get up. People will show up early for the meeting. I’d be surprised if anyone slept much tonight.”

“Election day excitement,” Donna replied. They slowly got up to dress and just in time. No sooner had Donna dug her pantyhose out from under the bed and pulled them on then there was a knock on Josh’s door. Donna crossed to open it casually.

“Oh you must not have been able to sleep either,” Ronna said with a smile. “We thought we could get to work now.” She added motioning to Otto standing beside her.

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