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All the King's Men

by: annemflynn (Send Feedback)

Chapters: 014 Word Count: 23509
Rating: MATURE
Character(s): Josh Lyman, Donna Moss, Ensemble
Category(ies): Angst, Humor, Romance
Pairing(s): Josh/Donna
Episode(s): 1-22 What Kind of Day Has it Been
Crossover Shows: - No Show -
Summary: Josh and Donna get together after the shooting.

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My attention was drawn immediately to the prone form in the hospital bed, as soon as I heard the noise. I put my newspaper aside, rose from my chair, and moved to the bedside of the man I’d come to think of as a son all those years ago.

Josh had only just been wheeled in from recovery to a room in ICU a few minutes ago, and I have been waiting for him. He had woken up very briefly when he came out of surgery, but had fallen back asleep again soon after. I had only just heard his call now.

“Do you need something, Josh?” I ask bending down near him. I have to strain to hear him, and even had to ask him to repeat it again. It’s strange to see Josh, who’s normally so vocal, hardly be able to open his mouth. I tell you, it’s weirding me about a bit. Well, quite frankly, the entire night has been weirding me out a lot.

When I found out the President was shot, I was devastated.

Or so I thought.

Until I found out about Josh. That news damn near broke my heart in two. Josh has been the son I never had. Josh’s family and my family have been very close. For a while there, Jenny and I, and Noah and Sarah thought that maybe one day Mallory and Josh would get together. Looking back, I don’t know why we ever thought that. They’d never shown any kind of romantic interest in each other. Mallory’s an only child, and when Joanie died, she just sort of stepped into Josh’s sister’s role and that was that. They’d been tight like that ever since. He’s been pestering her relentlessly over Sam. I must say, to this day, as close as Mallory and Josh are, I could never quite figure out how it worked out that Josh never introduced her to Sam. How is it that those two never met before a couple of months ago? Who knows? Mallory and Josh are both so stubborn and hot headed, sometimes I actually have to remind myself that they’re not actually related.

“Where’s Donna?” was the barely audible whisper from the bed.

“Donna?” I ask. “You want Donna?”

“Donna.” he repeats.

What the hell does he want Donna for? Maybe he’s just loopy. Maybe he’s thinking he’s got to tell her what to do with Operations. Maybe he’s thinking of work. I mean, why else would he want Donna?

“Josh, if you’re worried about your office, don’t.” I assure. “We’ve got it covered. And I’ll talk to Donna. I’ll help her keep things afloat while you’re out.”

“She’s not here?” he asks.

Oh crap. He looks devastated. The thought that she might not be here is truly upsetting to him.

“No, she’s here.” I quickly assure. I mean, anything to get this lost look off his face. “She’s been downstairs waiting to hear how you were.”

The sides of his mouth curl very slightly. He’s happy to hear that.

“Get her?” he asks me.

“You sure you want to see her now?” I ask. “You don’t want to rest for a while?”

“I need her.” he says.

“All right, son.” I say patting his hand. “I’ll go down and get her. I’ll be back in a little bit.”

I didn’t quite make out what he said next, but I swear it sounded like he said “Hurry.”

I leave his room and walk down the corridors towards the elevator, playing this over and over in my head, the look on his face when he thought she wasn’t here and the fact that he said, “I need her.” Josh and Donna have always had a different dynamic than the rest of staff senior staff has with their assistants. Sometimes I really wonder if they aren’t surgically attached at the hip. I actually remember wondering why she wasn’t there tonight. It’s not like Josh to not have brought her. Of course, now, I’m happy he didn’t. The less people that were there tonight, the better, but it was still strange.

They really are something to watch work, those two. They can have a whole conversation without using a complete sentence. I’ve actually witnessed them have a whole conversation without even opening their mouths. It’s like, they just...know. Or more accurately, Donna just knows. I’ve known Josh all his life, I’ve never seen ANYONE deal with him the way Donna does. She jokes that she’s impervious to him, and I really kind of think she is. At least impervious to his little Josh-tantrums, as I like to call him. Josh not getting his way can be a bit much to handle at times.

Donna’s the only one that can actually control him. I used to think Mallory could control him, but then I saw that she just stands back, waits for the mess he causes, and then bitches at him about how stupid he was. It’s entertaining if you get to witness it. Josh is rarely stupid politically. Smart as a whip, that kid is, and he’s a crafty little sucker, too. Sometimes he’s too smart for his own good. But all that genius politically, comes with a consequence. He has a hard time keeping a relationship with a woman. He always seems to screw it up somehow. I think maybe he’s too devoted to his work, and they don’t get it. But then, that doesn’t make sense because he dated Mandy, and she’s a player in the party.

Aw, screw it. I don’t really know the answer there. All I know is that he’s actually managed to keep Donna around. I remember the day he told me that she hired herself. He didn’t really know what to make of it. One day, she showed up, hired herself as his assistant and then was just always there. At first, he kept forgetting about it. CJ once smacked him and told him he better stop losing his assistant like she was a set of keys. But then after a few weeks, it happened. They meshed.

I make my way back down to the waiting room. Donna’s in there with CJ and Toby. Sam’s off doing the morning shows. I stop before opening the door and take a look at Donna through the window.

Now I truly see devastation. She looks like an empty shell. I don’t think she’s been here since she got here tonight, or last night...hell, does anyone know what time it is?

I take the time to study her while nobody has seen me here yet. And as I watch her, it hits me like a Mack truck.

These two are in love.


They are. They’re in love. He asked for her as soon as he was lucid. I bet when he opened his eyes before he was disappointed to see the President and not Donna. She looks like she’s waiting for someone to come tell her it’s okay to breathe again.

I wonder if they know? I bet they don’t. I bet they don’t see it. Actually, I bet Donna’s figuring it out right now. I wonder if I should do anything about this. I wonder what I even CAN do.

Well, I’m not spending too much time dwelling on it now. My son’s looking for Donna. Donna he’s going to get.

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