by: keladryb

Character(s): CJ, Toby
Pairing(s): CJ/Toby
Category(s): Drabble, Romance
Rating: TEEN
Disclaimer: I don't own them.  If I did, I'd be rich.
Summary: "Toby, you're destroying my bed."
Written: May, 2004
Feedback: Cherished.
Author's Note:  For tww100's challenge #45, "Day"

She wakes up disoriented and struggles to remember what happened last night. She stares at the lamp lying sideways on the carpet,

("What was--?" "Your lamp. I knocked--" "You gonna pick it up?" "No.")

the corner where the sheet came untucked,

("Toby, you're destroying my bed." "We'll make it again tomorrow." "You mean I'll make it again." "Shut up.")

the pillow halfway between her head and her feet,

("This angle-- not working--" he'd thrust a pillow beneath her lower back, then. "Better?" She'd answered him in moans.)

and him, snoring beside her.

("Stay the night?" "You make the coffee tomorrow.")

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