The Affair


Pairing(s): Josh/Donna
Rating: ADULT
Disclaimer: I really wish I had created them first. I didn't.
Summary: June SOTU Challenge Response
Spoiler: Two Cathedrals.
Author's Note:Totally unrelated to the Something Stupid series.

Donna opened her top left desk drawer and pulled out the invitationIt was now or never.

Josh was, as always, behind his desk absorbed in a briefing.

"I'm leaving now, Josh."

He poked his head up. "Already?"

"It's eleven o'clock."

"Yeah, but it's Friday. We don't have to be in until later tomorrow."

"Actually your schedule has changed for tomorrow."

"No," he whined. "We were going to do jeans and t-shirts and ordepizza and catch up on research. No meetings."

Donna shrugged her shoulders. "Sorry. Leo put it on your schedule. And you have to wear a suit. Actually, he said your blue suit."

"The blue suit! That means it's fancy. What is it? Where is it? And why am I going?"

"It's in Virginia. It's an … affair."

"An affair. In Virginia. For who?"

"A Senator."

"Both the senators from Virginia are Republicans. Why am I going to an affair for a Republican?"

"Because Leo thinks it's time…."

"To cozy up to them," Josh added resigned.

"Because of thing," Donna finished.

"I'm not doing it."

"You have to do it."

"No. Forget it. I'll call Sam."

"But the Senator asked for you in particular."

That got his attention. "He did?"

"Absolutely. I think he wants to deal with someone… I don't mean to diminish Sam in any way you understand, a little more important."

"I can be important."

"You can be very important."

"Fine. What time are you picking me up?"

Donna huffed. "That is just like you, Josh. You assume that I'm going to go with you."


"Don't you think that's taking me for granted! Someday, you're going to actually have to find… you know… a girlfriend to take to these things. You can't count on me to always be here."

"I can't?"


Josh got the whiny face again. "But Donna, I hate to go to these things alone. Come on, one more time. I won't ask again. I swear."

Donna sighed heavily. "Okay, this one time, but only because Leo said. And don't forget. The blue suit."

She left and chuckled all the way to her car. Like stealing candy from a baby.


"No, no, you want to turn left here."

"Where in the hell are we going?" Josh asked, as he turned down a residential street in some no name town in Virginia. A highly unlikely place for a cocktail party or whatever the hell it was for a Senator. "Which Senator did you say this was?"

"The one you like."

"But they're both Republicans. I don't like Republicans."

"Uh huh. Turn here."

Josh did as instructed, but he was starting to get suspicious. That suspicion increased tenfold when the road they were on led to a huge church that was crowded with cars.



"There is no affair."

"There's going to be an affair. After."

"I can't believe you did this!" he shouted.

Donna winced at the decibel level. "Oh come on Josh. Be a sport."

"Did we not agree that we wouldn't do this anymore. Did we not say that I would not drag you to my wedding obligations if you would not drag me to yours? Did we not spend the last three weddings watching happy couples ooh and ahhh over us and pester us about when we wergoing to make it official?"

"Yes," she admitted sheepishly.

"But you hijacked me to this wedding anyway."

"Hijack? That's overstating it a little isn't it? After all you werthe one who insisted I come."

"Donna," he growled.

"This is an important one," she protested. "It's my second cousin, but my mother's brother and his wife, you know my uncle and aunt, are going to be here."

"And this is important to me … how?"

"Me, me, me, Josh is that all you ever think about?"


"Because if they see how happy and well adjusted I am, I may not havto make the trek home for Thanksgiving this year. You know what means?"

"You work Friday."

Donna beamed. "I work Friday. And, I'll cook dinner on Thursday."

This had potential. "Because last year CJ brought…"

"Macaroni and Cheese. I know. I'll make turkey. Toby can smoke cigars, Sam can drink port, you can watch football, and all CJ has to bring is the dessert."

"Deal." Josh exited the car. "That's a hell of a trade. You should have come stag."

"A single woman at wedding sends a message, Josh. Either she'pathetic or she's on the make."

"You could never be pathetic."

"That's sweet."

"And you're not on the make?" he asked sounding quite chipper about that fact.

"I am definitely off the make." Then thinking about how that might sound she clarified, "Because we need to be focused right now, because of the President's thing. I'm all about focus."

"Focus. Right. Come on lets get this over with. I get four beers at the reception."



"Two and a champagne toast."

"Deal." Sucker, he said silently.

Sucker, she thought internally.

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