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2 Stories in 'A'
Title: Adventures in House-Sitting
Author: Marcus L. Rowland (Send Feedback)
Genres: Gen  Rating: YTEEN  
Archived: 12-31-11  Chapters: 001
Categories: Action/Adventure, Mystery, Post Administration
Pairings: - No Pairing -  Characters: Joey Lucas, OMC
Crossover Shows: NCIS, NCIS Los Angeles, The Rockford Files, DC Comics / Movies
Summary: Supergirl Returns series - A routine house-sitting job leads to some unanticipated problems and a mystery to solve for Supergirl. Fortunately she has help from Batman... DC movieverse / West Wing / NCIS / NCIS LA / Rockford Files crossover

Title: An Acerbic Angel
Author: celticann (Send Feedback)
Genres: Gen  Rating: CHILD  
Archived: 09-13-10  Chapters: 001 Word Count: 3449
Categories: Angst, Family/Children, Mystery, Post Administration
Pairings: CJ/Danny  Characters: CJ Cregg, Danny Concannon, Donna Moss, OMC
Summary: "Well, if he was an angel, it was nothing like what they're like in the books and the pictures."

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